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Creative Bites #1: Understanding the Client
Creative Bites #1: Understanding the Client

By Louis Corallo
Film & Executive Creative Director at The CAKE Collective

Day 1: Wants vs. Needs

Whenever I meet a new client, my first focus is to distinguish what they want versus what they need. What are their goals, and which demographic do they target? By aligning myself with their goals before my own, I gain a better understanding of their needs and wants.

Clients can tell when a creative is only in it for themselves. They dream up amazing shots and become inflexible to changes because their ideas often come from a selfish point of view rather than a desire to provide a solution to the client’s needs. This is arrogance, and no one has time for that. A good business won’t pay for it.

As service providers, we must understand that a big part of what we do is about client satisfaction. We’re making their video, and they’re allowing us to be a part of their brand’s journey.

Sometimes, we can measure wants vs. needs by recognizing what doesn’t work. Perhaps a client needs a corporate video to showcase their colleagues and services, but knows that corporate videos can be dull and unimaginative. Is there a way to show the audience something, rather than just tell it?

If you have ever been in a meeting with a client who uses corporate jargon or topic-focused vocabulary related to their field, communication in their day-to-day work is through ‘telling.’ We need to learn the value of those words, and then visually show what those words mean because they are the key to the brand’s message.

The more you say, the less you are communicating the brand’s message. The more you show, the more the audience learns about the brand.

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