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Daphale Winter Collection 2021

We are The CAKE Collective, a premier provider of professional photography and videography services with a rich history spanning over a decade. Established in Singapore in 2010 by Kevin Lee, we initially specialised in commercial photography and studio portraiture.

In 2019, The CAKE Collective was reborn in Vietnam, and since then, we have continued to expand our portfolio of services. Our team, consisting of talented and experienced photographers and videographers like Sebastian Graetz, Louis Corallo, Frederik Wissink, and Vincent Nguyen, is committed to delivering high-quality results for every project.

At The CAKE Collective, we understand that every story is unique, and we’re passionate about helping you tell yours in the most meaningful way possible. Whether you’re looking to showcase your brand, capture a special moment, or create something beautiful, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

So why wait? Contact The CAKE Collective today to learn more about our comprehensive range of services and how we can help you achieve your creative goals.

Our team

Kevin Lee

Executive Producer

Kevin hails from Singapore and has been in the creative line for a good 15 years. He started out early in his career designing websites and rediscovered his love for photography over a decade ago. Currently residing in Saigon, Vietnam, he brought CAKE with him, tapping into the young, vibrant, creative and collaborative spirit that is ever present in Vietnam. Bringing together the best minds & creators in stills and moving pictures together to better serve businesses around Asia and the rest of the world.

Sebastian Graetz

Creative Director / Fashion Photographer

Sebastian is a photographer with over 15 years of fashion industry experience in Germany and South East Asia. After receiving his B.A. in Visual Communication he left Berlin to work as a staff photographer for one of the major online retailers in Vietnam. Since then he has been working with fashion labels as a freelancer, and has helped larger retail companies to setup their own in-house image productions. At CAKE he is in charge of all things involving lifestyle and fashion.

Louis Corallo

Film & Creative Director

Once a lonely child drawing up great imaginings in comic form, now telling stories with bigger toys and more friends. Video is now the medium of the day and Vietnam is the inspiration. Louis started out as a DOP and storyboard artist during his movie-making days in London. Now, Louis has spread his wings out further afield in Vietnam where he has directed music videos, commercials and award-winning documentaries across Southeast Asia.

Vincent Nguyen

Photographer / Production Manager

In the last few years, Vincent came from humble beginnings as a photography enthusiast to become a full fledge photographer. Coming under the watchful tutelage of Kevin, the founder of CAKE, Vincent spent many a day learning and experimenting, assisting and shooting to attain the competencies of a commercial photographer that he has today.

He hasn't stopped pursuing creativity knowledge.

Frederik Wissink

Creative Director / Architecture Photographer

In the past 15 years as a professional photographer, Fred has seen it all, and likely photographed it. From recording thundering explosions at open pit mines to fine dining experiences in luxury hotels and restaurants, there isn’t one style of photography he calls his own. Every client is different and every project is different. He bring the same amount of energy and enthusiasm to a family portrait session as he would to a high fashion magazine shoot. With more than two decades of experience living and working in Asia and more than half that time in Vietnam, he know the region and its people.

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