The mission was clear: BAKES Saigon needed a series of colourful videos emphasising the mouthwatering appeal of their delicious line of cakes. Somehow, we had to do this without eating the cakes before we finished shooting.

Product videos for food and beverages can be tricky since they are static objects. However, this is where creativity begins. We used camera work and composition to create movement, often following leading lines and suggesting shape. For the tiramisu birthday cake, we spun the camera 360 degrees above it, capturing its curves and creaminess as hands reached in to take chunks, highlighting its deliciousness.

The blue kiss cake was particularly fun. We placed it on a mound of chocolate drops and surrounded it with other kiss cakes, turning the inanimate object into a star on stage, admired by its audience. The key was to make it fun.

Other cakes were all about presentation. The layers of the lava cake resembled Jupiter’s landscape. As we pulled back the plastic covering, we revealed the creamy interior in all its glory, allowing a lava of cream to pour down the cake.

In the end, these cakes were too irresistible. We ate everything.