A video series showcasing the stories of real alumni from RMIT University Vietnam’s postgraduate programmes.

The CAKE Collective crafted a captivating video series that highlights the transformational journeys of four postgraduate alumni from RMIT University Vietnam. These videos delve into their personal growth and achievements, shedding light on how their education at RMIT played a pivotal role in their remarkable transformations.

Executive Producer: Kevin Lee
Director/Writer: Louis Barber Corallo
Director of Photography: Ngô Minh Nghĩa
1st AD: Nguyễn Thanh Phương
Production Manager: Nguyen Vinxent
1st AC & Focus Puller: Tran Thanh Phuc (Phúcbờm Nguyễn)
Steadicam Operator: Lê Thịnh 
Gaffer: Nguyen Van Chiem
Grip, Camera & Lighting: Bầu House
Location Sound: Nguyễn Quốc Hùng
DIT: Dat Tran
Drone Operator: Milan Smets
Hair & Makeup: My Lee
Music Arrangement, Effects & Mix: Khoa Nguyễn(Pha)
Set Photography: Sebastian Graetz
Post-production: Zen Post
Additional VFX: Louis Barber Corallo
Additional Sound Recording: Adam Musiz Studio

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