Michael Burr’s photography of Saigon in 1969, serves as a bittersweet reminder of a time when photography was not about selfies and vanity projects for click-hungry Instagram users.

What I loved most about his work was how it attracted very positive attention from curious people who would gasp in awe as they flipped through the hundreds of pictures that Michael Burr passionately shot as a US Air force soldier.

With the filters removed and images honestly framed through good story telling, people laughed and cried as the past opened their eyes to their history.

Michael Burr’s involvement in the American war parlays the bittersweet reality of a time that still affects people to this day. War is never an easy topic to discuss, but Michael Burr’s work finds a way to bring people together.

For SCMP Films.

Directed by Louis Corallo
Photography by Michael Burr